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Forisola is a prosecco-style wine-based beverage, representing a unique category. The beverage itself is distinctly marked by the taste and scent of wine it contains. FORISOLA can only be made of carefully selected top quality wines, complemented by an extract of exotic spices. These two, blended together, make up the unmistakable Forisola taste with the bubbles bringing a quality of freshness to it. Each FORISOLA product is different, being uniquely defined by the special wine in it. Yet, all are FORISOLA featuring a distinctive style.
…a top quality drink with distinctive taste that is so easy to love
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We wanted an unmistakable base flavour, which would characterize the entire product family and which, in turn, would be complemented by the unique features of the specific wine each drink were made from. This typical base flavour had to be subtly complex and by no means sweet. When we had been ready, we had to find the right wines. The whole task reminded me of a story from my childhood, a story about the king’s voice:
Our home kitchen has always been characterised by fine spices. My mother is an excellent cook whose talent goes back to our family history. My grandparents had lived an upper middle class life with a “gourmet” cuisine before the Second World War. Grandma had two special delicacies with cardamom, the flavour of which follows me through my entire life. One of them was a pudding with dried fruits in it, the other was a soft drink we enjoyed during the summers but now I know that it also had a hot version to ease the winter cold. Our family recipes have preserved this unique taste for over 150 years, if not more. Cardamom has long been one of the world’s most widely distributed spices. It had been traditionally grown in India and transported through the high mountain passes of the Himalayas all the way on the Silk Road to the Mediterranean and European market places by a network of merchants for centuries. Besides the pleasant taste, a number of beneficial effects are attributed to its consumption: stimulates blood circulation, makes you feel relaxed and warm, it is for both the heart and the soul and also an aphrodisiac. 
In extant records and charters, my ancestors are first mentioned in the early 16th century as landowners in the Balatonlelle region. A family legend also claims that one of my forefathers came from Italy to serve as a royal guard to King Mathias. Maybe, he was the one to bring the love of cardamom to our family...
However it happened, cardamom has become a natural ingredient of FORISOLA.
…fresh but not excessive, friendly and recognizable
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The FORISOLA story started in 2010 when we came up with the idea of creating a new kind of beverage with a unique style. Based on the rising Hungarian wine production, we wanted a drink that could address a wide range of consumers from the non-wine connoisseurs. It called for an easily distinguishable flavour, conveying a safe choice. This characteristic taste was finally achieved through a special spice mix, which was added to the selected wine in a very small quantity. It was also important that the wine still had to show its true character in the blend. Besides, we wanted a drink which is fresh, easy to drink and a pleasant companion for casual meetings. This casual and relaxed quality is brought about by a playful but not overdone fizziness... At the same time, rising consumer preferences for carbonated drinks were taken into account as well. By 2013/2014, after intensive experimenting and tasting tests, the new beverage had been ready for production. Our family business, Foris Beverages Kft. was founded and the FORISOLA trademark was registered. Now we looked for partners that could reliably supply the required good quality wines and had suitable production and bottling facilities. Keep smiling is made from Tokaj yellow muscat made by Károly Áts, Access is blended from sauvignon blanc by Ákos Kamocsay and the drink itself is produced in Budafok, in József Szentesi’s winery, who was voted top winemaker of the year in 2013. All of them are well-known figures of the Hungarian wine scene, their passion for perfection guarantees FORISOLA’s impeccable quality. We organized several tasting tests in 2016 with promising results. Of all the drinks offered for tasting, FORISOLA was the most favoured one. Consumers in their twenties especially liked our brand. We also tested FORISOLA as aperitif at social events. Experiences show that many participants who tried it out did not switch to any other brand during the entire event. It seems that our original concept was good: we managed to create an innovative and stylish drink which is easy to love.
…we don’t know what this taste is but we do recognize and like it
Our vision of a modern beverage includes using only natural ingredients. Nobel Prize-winning physiologist, Albert Szentgyörgyi said that food products are based on consumer trust. It is true, what we eat becomes part of our body. Being aware of this, not only would we like to bring joyous moments and palatal delights to our consumers but to remain worthy of their trust as well.